a step without feet

a Film by
Lydia Schamschula
Jeremy Glaholt


A Step Without Feet

a film by Lydia Schamschula & Jeremy Glaholt

This is not another refugee film. It’s a documentation of the vibrant Syrian culture in Berlin. Due to misguided stereotypes perpetuated by the media; being labelled a ‘refugee’ tends to carry negative connotations. This negative identity often leads to them feeling isolated.
The purpose of this film is to counter the medias consistent dehumanization of the Syrian asylum seekers. Once you are introduced to the individual, face-to-face, you are reminded of their humanity.
Through universal themes like music, art, family, and friends we are re-introduced to our connection to one another.

„I think we are humans. So wherever I will be, I feel I will not be a refugee. I’m just a human, I had many problems in my country and I want to keep moving in my life.“ - Saja Noori

About the film

Lydia Schamschula and Jeremy Glaholt first met in 2012, while shooting a short film in Lydias home town of Berlin, Germany.  Since returning to Los Angeles, where Jeremy lives with his family, they have maintained a relationship as filmmaking collaborators and friends. 

In 2015, Lydia started volunteering to help Syrian people fleeing the war.  After seeing the difficulties faced by many people desperately seeking asylum, she couldn't help but think, “there must be a way to help.”  She began to create a community of friends within Berlin's Syrian community. 
When visiting Lydia in early 2016, Jeremy learned of her interactions with the Syrian community as well as the prejudices they faced. It was clear to us that most people we knew, including ourselves, were heavily influenced by the medias portrayal of the Syrian “refugee” and that there were few to little media outlets showing the true humanity and many bright colors of Berlin's new members.  We were immediately called to action and made a plan to shoot a documentary showing the true face and humanity of our Syrian friends.
We want to show the world the true essence and beauty of the Syrian culture now thriving in Berlin.

A Step Without Feet is a documentary about connection and sharing each others cultures through universal themes like music, family, friends, and art. Within the backdrop of Berlins beautiful, winter landscape, we captured the daily lives of seven extraordinary Syrians exiled from their home country.


Lydia Schamschula is an actress, editor, and filmmaker.
She studied acting at the School for Music and Performing Arts in Berlin, Germany. She spent the early part of her acting career performing at theaters throughout Germany (Munich, Frankfurt Schauspielhaus, Bochum, and many more).
After gaining experience in the world of theater, she brought her talents to the film world and is known for various German TV shows and films.  
A Step Without Feet is her debut film as a director.

Jeremy Glaholt is a Director and Cinematographer in Los Angeles, CA.
In 2014 he premiered his short film, Catch, starring Lydia Schamschula at the prestigious cinematography festival, Camerimage in Bydgoszcz, Poland.
Since then he has continued to concentrate his craft in cinematography, working on a variety of projects from feature films, to commercials, to documentaries.  
His passion for filmmaking and cinematography have taken him all over the world from the Amazonian river and favelas of Brazil to the historic city of Berlin, Germany.




Lydia Schamschula
Jeremy Glaholt
Lydia Schamschula
Jeremy Glaholt

Director of Photography

Film Music

Jeremy Glaholt Tommy Danbury
Jacob Cox

Film Editor


Ilka Risse Anis Hamdoun


Abdallah Rahhal
Anis Hamdoun
Freddie Bechara
Laila Bayazed
Mudar El Sheich Ahmad
Saja Noori
Zaher Al Taher

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